Who We Are

We’re Angry Cloud Comics – formerly known as Inflorescent Productions – an itty-bitty comic and animation studio from Vancouver, BC.

You may know us from our online and print comic “The Knittrix” but we’re looking forward to showing you a lot more in the coming year.

Angry Cloud is run by two creatives from the West Coast who unfortunately never learned the meaning of the words “Sleep” or “Pencils Down” or “Stop coming up with projects, you have too many as it is.”


Alison is Angry Cloud’s writer and breakfast-daddy to Dutch the cat. Alison studied writing at UVic and VFS. They currently work as a producer and screenwriter for children’s television. You may have seen their writing on channels like Teletoon and Cartoon Network.

Elise is Angry Cloud Comics’ resident artist and Dutch’s dinner-mommy. She also works as a storyboard artist on shows you may have seen on networks like PBS and The Hub. Space, robots, that sort of thing. A trained animator and illustrator who studied at Capilano University and VFS, Elise brings Angry Cloud’s big ideas to life.

Duchess Meowsington of Catbury or “Dutch” for short is the titular ‘Angry Cloud’ and the light of our lives. She can often be found wandering the house, shouting at the void, and trying to catch that infernal clump of feathers on a string. Catnip, please!


Left to Right: 

Alison, dutch, Elise